Photography by Mary Murphy

About the Author

Robert Greaney is a newly graduated Game Developer and general creative type based in Co. Tipperary, Ireland. In his spare time he draws things, writes things and sometimes directs things.

Here, you can find his game development portfolio.

Robert was born and raised in Ireland, and has always had a fascination with history, science and the human mind. He studied Archaeology in Ireland before moving to Australia in 2011 seeking employment.

Since then, he has directed two successful and critically acclaimed plays, worked as a professional actor, and taken commission both as an artist and graphic designer in addition to holding down a day job as a Draftsperson for an engineering company.

His true passion, however, is in developing video games. He has a keen interest in Virtual Reality technology, the power of storytelling through the medium of games, and the potential educational benefits that come from informational applications and experiences.

He returned to Ireland in February of 2016 to pursue his career in Game Development.

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