Post-Pitch and Tech Demo

So the pitch to my facilitator went well, and everyone seemed to like the idea. I spent the rest of yesterday defining the theme as well as getting more familiar with some of the psychological principles I'd like to use for design.

The overall artistic theme will be more of an expression of the dichotomy of order and chaos. Both the player character and the monster will embody this chaotic nature, with some rival soldiers representing order. By relying on subterfuge and manipulation, the player character and monster can be said to fit the Trickster (n.d.) archetype.

The mechanics of the design have changed a lot too - the main focus of the gameplay has shifted to the manipulation of these rival guards, who'll use their AI and BDI model to have an awareness of the environment (as well as the influence the player has on it). This should make for some great emergent gameplay.

One cool idea I had was to have all in-game dialogue be in Anglish. It's a funky way of speaking English that removes all non-Germanic rooted words. There're some awesome resources for it online, including a wiki. It sounds oldschool when spoken, but without the florality or time gap that can make Shakespearean or Middle English a bit too difficult to understand.

Anyways, I'd best get back to nailing down the game design. Below is a quick tech demo showing off the material-based footstep system. I also hooked up a quick ragdoll system for giggles. All sound assets are placeholders that were taken from Thief: The Dark Project. I don't think this counts as redistributing them. Anyways, I'll replace them before releasing the final project.


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